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For your convenience find here the answers to common questions submitted to our customer client care centre. We want to provide you with the best selling software experience. Click a question below to view an answer.
General How do I make more money by using PayPro? At PayPro we give you the peace of mind to fully focus on developing your product and not worrying about managing online selling and handling product/license delivery. Being a reseller, we will take care of selling your product online, delivering the purchased products, and collecting/filing the required sales taxes/VAT. Further, we are handling security, customer support, accepting and managing a large variety of payment methods and currencies, distributing royalties and commissions, andlocalizing worldwide. We also follow up with the clients to offer products for cross-sale and/or use other strategies to sell more of the products.
Who can use PayPro? PayPro specializes in selling software and other downloadable products online. If you are an independent software author, or a company looking into selling your products and services online, we will gladly co-operate with you! Sign up to start using our services today.
Can PayPro also sell my subscription products? Yes, PayPro can work with reselling and managing subscription products.

Subscription Customers have a highly secure PayPro customer account to use to manage the subscriptions, upgrade to better subscription and update their payment methods or personal information.
How much does it cost to sell software online using PayPro? Registering is free and carry no obligations. There are no monthly fees or setup fees. OOnce we resell your product we will take a low commission of 4.9%+$1USD from the sale for all popular international payment methods. All advanced features are included with no extra charge in order to help your company grow. Professional services are included with no extra charge. For more information please contact us here.
How can I start selling software online using PayPro? Working with PayPro is almost instant. If you are a software vendor and your software is not included into our prohibited products list, all you need to do is to sign up here.

Once you do, we will review your Web site and activate your account to use our unprecedented, advanced sales powering system, PayPro EasyCommerce.
How can PayPro Passport software security help me protect my product from piracy? PayPro Passport is our unique solution for online software activation. Implementing our PayPro software security solution into your products will help you gain better protection from hackers and fraudsters, automatically gaining revenue.

In addition, we implemented security measures that will assist us with fraud detection and prevention while we resell your product.

All these services are absolutely free of charge for our partners.
Order What happens after the order is placed? After purchasing products/services online, the purchaser will receive an invoice and purchase confirmation email. The purchase confirmation email contains all necessary information to download and activate your product. Both the order page and confirmation letter layout and design are highly customizable. Optionally we can also ship your product internationally.
How to use a discount coupon? Coupon codes are generated by using PayPro EasyCommerce and can be used by the purchaser to buy the product at a discounted rate. The coupon can be used on the order page and a discount is applied if the following conditions are met:
  • The coupon is valid
  • The coupon is available for the product
After entering the coupon code, if the above conditions are met, you will be able to see the actual discount.
Is the order page localized? Yes, the order page is localized to many languages and currencies. Local payment methods are also available such as WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Boleto Bancario, PaySafeCard, SMS Payments. PayPro EasyCommerce is fully localized, which means that product name, price, description and confirmation email can also be localized. Even the control panel is localized and can be viewed in most major languages.
Payment What payment methods are accepted?
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discovery, Maestro, Solo/Switch)
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Paysafecard
  • Purchase Order
  • Mail Orders (Credit Card Details, Check, Cash, Money Order, Cashier Check, Bank Draft)
  • Fax Order
  • Phone Order
  • Yandex.Money
  • Real Time Bank transfers
  • AliPay
Purchase Orders can be paid using Mail (Credit Card Details, Check, Cash, Money Order, Cashier Check, Bank Draft), Phone (credit card), Fax (credit card), Wire Payment, Bank Transfer, PayPal or Payoneer.
Are foreign currencies accepted? Absolutely. Foreign currencies are very well handled. The purchaser can select any of the 158 displayed currency.

The product price can be set to any of the 14 major currencies. Multiple currency based pricing is also available, which means that one product can have different price per currency.
Do I have to collect sales tax? PayPro Europe Ltd. is an Ontario Corporation with registered offices in Toronto, Canada. You don't need to collect sales tax on products resold by PayPro. PayPro is required to collect GST/HST in Canada on sold products.

Our order page automatically presents appropriate taxes to the buyers during the checkout process. We do all the financial heavy lifting, collecting appropriate sales taxes from your customers and remitting payment to the proper authorities.
Do I have to collect VAT? You don't need to collect VAT if your product was sold through PayPro. PayPro collects VAT from all EU consumers who do not have a valid VAT ID for electronically delivered products. The collected VAT is paid directly to the relevant national authorities.

This allows you to be worry free about collecting and filing VAT, giving you more time to build your software and business.
Delivery How long does it take to receive an ordered backup CD/DVD?
  • For customers located in USA: 7 days
  • For customers located in Europe: 9 days
  • For customers located elsewhere: 21 days
Support How can I get technical support? Click here to see the vendor's support page.
Security and Privacy Is your order page secure? PayPro is PCI DSS Certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS is the most important security standard for the card payment industry. All transactions are made using a SSL connection (128 bytes) provided by Thawte. The data sent from your browser to PayPro servers is always encrypted. PayPro servers are certified McAfee Secure and scanned periodically by ScanAlert for known vulnerabilities.
Do you share customer information? We share customer information only with our close partners in order to finalize the order and deliver the product. All your customer information is available to you and can be listed, graphed and analyzed using our powerful data centre (part of PayPro EasyCommerce) and can be downloaded in multiple file formats. This allows you to have full control over your customer data.