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PayPro Recommends As a company that is in business with software vendors, we've gained valuable experiences in the shareware industry and continue developing useful resources while tracking all industry trends, to help you grow your business.
Here are some of our recommendations:
Useful Links
  • Development
  • Adobe Flex
    Adobe RIA Flex's ease of use is without a doubt the next level of web technology. For companies that offer online services and want to stay ahead of the competition, they should aim to use Adobe Flex (or Microsoft's, Silverlight).

    Stack Overflow
    Hundreds of thousands of developers use this site everyday to ask questions and receive answers. It's friendly to use and can save you time when it comes down to searching for answers.

    SEO Book
    This is the best and most advanced resource to learn everything about SEO. Articles, tutorials, videos and blogs are continuously updated.

    SitePoint is an active and helpful forum for web developers.
  • Marketing
  • SoftwareMarketingResource
    This web site has existed for many years. From articles to referrals, if you are in the software industry, you can find something that's relevant to your business.

    Constant Contact
    If you would like to email a newsletter to your clients and have trouble designing it, or find it too time consuming, "Constant Contact" may be of value to you. They offer a generous trial period and have one of the best customer support.

    If you want to distribute a newsletter and have issues with your delivery rate, "Suretymail" can be the answer to your problem. The screening process is thorough but they are worth the effort and according to our research, more affordable than others.

    SoftPressRelease is a well-known PR company that offers a full range of services to promote software, games and web services including customized media lists, writing press releases and articles, distributing news to wires, magazines, portals and social media. SoftPressRelease makes it easier for software companies to bring news to the public and maximize online visibility. Distributing press releases is an effective way to sell more online.
  • Design
  • Adobe Captivate
    If you need to create Help or marketing videos for your product, "Captivate" is definitely something you should consider. From our experience, it is easy to use and you have control over the result. Feel free to to see our videos produced with adobe technology by clicking here.

    If you don't have the time to create your own videos, "Butterscotch/twocows" does a great job and are reasonably priced.

    If your business is growing and looking for a company to handle your design, branding and marketing from A-Z than "RadonicRodgers" can be a great solution.

    This company works efficiently, reasonably priced and will handle even a simple task of slicing your designs. The slicing code they deliver is one of the best.

  • Newsgroups
  • Newsgroups and conferences are very important if you're a small software company. This is where you compensate for being outnumbered by your larger competitors.
    We strongly recommend that you sign up and get involved in networking. In a year you can learn the equivalent of 10 years research.

    Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)
    The ASP is probably the best newsgroup for English speaking software developers.
    ASP newsgroup organizes conferences so you can actually meet and learn intensively from the members.

    If you are a Russian speaking developer than the ISDEF is something you would want to be a part of. You will have to contact them in order to get into this strong and supporting community, and like the ASP newsgroup, it also has its own conferences.

    European Software Conference
    The European Software Conference is smaller than the ones above but we suggest you read about them on their web site, especially if you're a software developer from Europe who can't get into the conferences in the US.
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