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PayPro Passport - No risk licensing PayPro Passport was developed to deliver state-of-the-art licensing options. PayPro Passport is now included with EasyCommerce as a free service for PayPro clients.
PayPro Passport allows you to:
  • Prevent software piracy
  • Automate license creation, distribution, and software activation.
  • Have full control - access from anywhere with an Internet connection, re-activate products with a license key, generate additional keys, optionally use one key for multiple licenses and count them down instead of generating multiple keys.
  • Integrate with your environment - standard SOAP interface, secure authentication based on a secure external database, simple integration into client applications, ready-to-use example code available in .NET (c#), PHP, JAVA and C++.
  • Streamline the entire activation process - customers can request and quickly receive license keys 24/7.
The PayPro Passport activation process is initiated when a customer successfully purchases a software product that uses the PayPro Passport licensing solution:
Server Side A unique license key is created for the user
Client Side User purchases the software using your order page
Server Side Waiting for orders
Client Side User receives and installs the software product
Server Side Server validates the license key
Client Side Upon software activation, the user enters the unique PayPro Passport license key
Server Side PayPro Passport marks the license as used (optional)
Client Side Software is active and ready to be used by the client
  1. A unique license key is generated for the purchased products. If the user purchased more than one identical products, the seller can choose to create either one multiple-user license for all copies, or single-user licenses for each copies.
  2. The license key and download link are sent to the user as part of the purchase confirmation email.
  3. The user installs the software as usual.
  4. Upon first activation, or activation of a license-restricted feature, the software requests the user to input his or her unique license key. (This functionality must be implemented by the software developer as part of the software's user interface. Example code is available from PayPro.)
  5. The user's license key is sent to the PayPro Server for validation. The server checks if the key is valid, and returns information about the key (for example, the total number of allowable installs, the number of current installs, and the full name of the user). If the number of installs exceeds the number of purchased licenses, then the software will inform the user.
  6. Upon successful validation, the software is activated (using the software developer's code) and can be used by the user. Optionally (recommended) the software can inform PayPro of the activation, and PayPro will increase the number of recorded activations by one.
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